Selling Your Startup to Backers Who Don't Identify with the Market

February 23, 2022

Panel: Adriana Catalina Vázquez Ortiz, Co-founder and CEO, Lilu | Laura Wittig, Co-founder and CEO, Brightly | Andrea Barrica, Co-founder and CEO,
If VCs can’t identify with the problem, solution, market, or value proposition, they’re less likely to back it. This session teaches you how to bridge the divide, to create empathy and understanding with a pitch that lends perspective. Woman founders—especially minority women—often face barriers in explaining their startup to investors who may not understand it. From FemTech, to eco conscious, to minority-focused products and services, learn how to deliver a meaningful message when you're the only woman in the room. You’ll get unique and inspiring insights from our panelists, as they explain what it’s like to maintain brand identity and culture through the seed stage and beyond.

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