Cash Management

  • Equity & Compensation Models for Startups55:48

    Equity & Compensation Models for Startups

    Deciding on equity and compensation models is a tricky but important task. How do you cut your pie and who even gets a slice? Robert Barbetti of JP Morgan and Graham Brown of Lerer Hippeau discuss.

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  • Startup Strategies During Uncertain Times54:13

    Startup Strategies During Uncertain Times

    A lot is uncertain, but you can still have a solid startup strategy. Former startup founders share advice for cash preservation, fundraising, and employee communications—great for now and the future.

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  • Managing Your Startups Cash Flow58:04

    Managing Your Startups Cash Flow

    Running out of cash as a nascent startup is not an option. Michael Tannenbaum, CFO of Brex, shares how pre-seed startups can avoid the pitfalls of money mismanagement.

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  • How a Day One Approach to Your Cap Table Will Help You Win

    How a Day One Approach to Your Cap Table Will Help You Win

    Gain insight on why cap tables are important at all stages of your startup, what investors are really thinking about yours, and the answers to every question you may have about these important tools.

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