Expanding your team after raising a round

September 26, 2022

Congratulations on getting funded! The next step is putting that capital to work, and that means expanding your talent pool. Building the perfect team isn’t only about offering competitive salaries: it’s about incentivizing talent with equity opportunities and charting a path for professional growth that mirrors your startup. Join hiring and compensation expert Josh Steinfeld as he guides founders through the process of creating a compensation philosophy: one that attracts and retains valuable talent that’ll help your startup scale.

This fourth video in our startup series dives deep into the complete hiring process. You’ll learn how to identify your most pressing talent needs, how to build a hiring plan around those needs, and establish guardrails that ensure you’re onboarding the skills you need. Josh also talks culture and its importance in fostering long-term success as a startup. Founders will walk away with a clear understanding of how to expand their team after raising a round, and how to grow in preparation for the next one.

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