Startup Guide to AWS Services

  • Building a Strong Security Foundation4:20

    Building a Strong Security Foundation

    A security breach is the last thing startups want to face. Thankfully, they’re avoidable. Learn how to architect a secure cloud computing environment from the get-go using DevSecOps tools. This video

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  • Building the Foundation for your Cloud Environment4:06

    Building the Foundation for your Cloud Environment

    Starting up is a collaborative effort. Granting access, managing permissions and protecting your account are paramount. Learn the ins and outs of how to establish secure production environments using

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  • Accelerating your Development Journey3:10

    Accelerating your Development Journey

    You don’t have any time to waste when it comes to building an MVP. Instead, you need technologies that accelerate the development and deployment process. This video is your introduction to the Amplify

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  • Rapidly Building and Delivering your Application4:22

    Rapidly Building and Delivering your Application

    There’s an endless cycle of build, test, deploy and improve that can slow your speed to market. Break free and scale up using AWS cloud resources! Learn how AWS Code Pipeline, AWS Code Build and AWS C

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  • Advancing for Scale and Maturity3:40

    Advancing for Scale and Maturity

    Once you’ve got a product out there, it needs to evolve to meet customer expectations. To grow and thrive at-scale, you’ll need to automate. Learn how AWS Infrastructure as Code and AWS AI/ML services

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  • Choosing the Right Architecture4:04

    Choosing the Right Architecture

    How you choose to build on AWS affects how your application will take shape. AWS Lambda optimizes time-to-market and the pace of innovation, while AWS Fargate opens the path to an expansive, flexible

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  • Choosing the Right Database4:01

    Choosing the Right Database

    One of the important concepts of a microservices architecture is database selection. This video breaks down how to choose the right database for each specific environment you create. We’ll explore rel

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